June 22 ,2024
What is your turnaround time?
Our standard turn time is 7-10 business days (Monday through Friday). Day 1 starts once your artwork is approved and we have received your deposit. By Day 10, we are ready to ship!

How long does it take for shipping?
Due to the nature of custom orders, shipping and delivery is arranged on a per client basis. Many clients prefer to pick up their finished orders directly at our office during business hours or by other arrangements.

GTG usually has White and Grey tees available in stock. Most other items are usually ordered specific to your job and printed / delivered accordingly.

Shipping rates and times vary depending on your location. We typically ship via UPS ground, but also offer expedited service such as Overnight and 2-day express. Or if your local you can pick your order up, or we can arrange a delivery.

How much does shipping cost?
For a shipping estimate, please contact us with your zip code and the quantity of shirts you would like to order. You are responsible for all shipping costs. You can supply us with your own UPS or FEDEX account number for freight charges.

Can I place a Rush order?
We can accommodate most Rush requests depending on our schedule availability. Our standard Rush turn is 2-3 days depending on the time you place the order as well as the quantity ordered. We can usually squeeze you into our schedule IF your art files are ready to go- meaning you have read, understand and followed our (Art Guidelines). Otherwise, you may experience delays and be subject to Rush fees. Rush fees vary depending on our current schedule and the turn time you request.

What is required to start my order?

Your artwork must be submitted in the proper format in order for us to be able to use your file. We will send you a digital proof to approve after we have reviewed your artwork. Once we receive your approval, we will process your order. Be sure you have read, understand and followed our (Art Guidelines).

Additionally, your payment must be received before we will process your order. We require a 50% deposit for all cash, check or money order payments. Check payments have a wait time of 7-10 business days. Credit card payments must be received in full, including shipping costs and sales tax.

How do I place an order?
You can call or email our front office during our normal business hours, 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. If you live in or around Independence, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss pricing and turn times. Call or drop by.

What are screen/setup charges?
We use a screen printing process to print images onto garments. Every design requires a screen for each color in the design. The charge for this is on a sliding scale starting at $15 per screen on new orders and starting at $12 per screen for exact reprints. Contact our office for a quote.

What is a washout charge?
A washout charge is when you want to use the same design with different colored inks. For example, using the same design, you can print white ink on black shirts and black ink on white shirts. We charge $5.00 per screen, per color change.

What is the minimum number of shirts I have to order?
There is no minimum number, and you can order any quantity. The price of each shirt will depend on the quantity, garment type, garment color and number of colors in your design. Please note higher prices for larger shirt sizes and darker colors.

Can I mix and match shirt colors?
Yes! You can mix shirt colors of the same style and sizes. For example, you can order 24 black and 24 red shirts, all sizes S-XL, for the same price because they fall in the same size and color category.

Can I use the same design on Adult and Baby shirts?
No. We can use the same design. However, it will require two different setups for the smaller sizes required for baby garments.

How many colors can you print?
We can print up to 10 spot colors on one location. Remember that printing on dark garments require printing white and it will be counted as one of your colors.

What type of equipment and ink do you use?
We operate two 6 color M&R manual presses, one 8 color M&R automatic press, one 10 color M&R automatic press and one athletic numbering press. We also use industry standard plastisol inks. Ink colors can be custom matched to your specific job at premium cost. We also offer specialty inks such as metallic gold, silver and neon colors at no additional cost. We use a conveyor belt dryer designed to cure the ink properly and to ensure the print will last as long as the garment
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