November 28 ,2023

Art Guidelines

*** If you got your image off the internet - It' is not a usable file for our process ***
This is a very lengthy section, but very important to get the most out of your artwork so please read on. Acceptable "camera ready" screen printing artwork formats that generally do not incur additional art preparation fees would include:
  1. Adobe Illustrator files as .ai in CS5 or earlier version, with fonts converted to outlines.
  2. Native .eps vector files, with fonts converted to outlines. Native files are created and saved in a vector art program like Corel or Illustrator. Bitmap images that are imported into graphics programs and "saved as" an .eps file are not true .eps files.
  3. PDF files, fonts must be in outline format.
  4. .psd files prepared in Photoshop CS5 or earlier version are usable if the resolution is 200 to 300 dpi at final print size, with fonts rasterized, and the art in layers. Please do not include empty layers. Complex art files may be huge and should be sent on a CD if larger than 5mb.
  5. Publisher files are not camera ready art.
  6. Word .doc files are not camera ready art.
  7. When sending names for rosters and school classes. Please enclose them in a plain text email without any formating.

Ok, so what if you have a piece of high quality art, a good idea, or even a stick man drawing that isn't in one of the above formats? We have set up jobs from existing printed t-shirts, plaques, photos, and even tattoos. Just call us to discuss options for your printing needs. We do reserve the right to refuse service due to content without explanation.

We cannot reproduce or print any copyrighted image without written permission from the legal copyright holder. It is not legal to just change an existing image a little bit. Federal copyright law makes no such allowance. For national corporations and franchises proper legal written permission typically can only be issued from the head corporate office or legal department.

Original art from customers brought or mailed in will be returned with an order, or mailed at the customers expense. While every precaution is taken to protect art sent or brought in to us, we can accept no responsibility for claims of damage to customers art.

All other art will incur a $40 hourly preparation fee with a minimum charge of $15.00. Your art is painstakingly re-designed for in-house use to give you the best product possible. No art services are provided without financial commitment. All art files, digital renderings, films, screens, etc. are the sole property of GAME TIME GRAPHICS, INC., and all rights are reserved under copyright law.

If you have any art or graphics questions contact Robert Crowder:


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